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TV actors have to build their characters suo moto: Vineet Raina

Vineet Raina is enjoying his constantly-changing avatar in Colors’ show, Ishq Mein Marjawan. “Every few episodes, our character graphs get altered. I began as a positive ACP, but he is now a badass copper. I welcome such variations, for they test my acting prowess.”

Here, Vineet added that the responsibility of daily soap artists toward framing their respective characters is extremely high as unlike films, there are no bound scripts. “We get our lines only on the day of the shoot. So we always have to add a lot from within. If we don’t, nobody will lend a hand to steady the boat, with time being the biggest issue on a daily set.”

Vineet, who has been around TV for a decade, is among the select few actors who have willingly embraced change. “Getting tired of playing the same old chocolate boy roles (Maryada, Har Ghar Kuchh Kehta Hai), I moved into the negative zone. It was not difficult internally, for I never box characters into lead or negative brackets. For me, the juice is the only issue. I have sometimes let go of money to net a good role.”

“Having said that, when I first consented to be a negative character in Uttaran, it was called a suicidal move. Many other actors had turned down the role before it finally came my way. But I am glad that I held on to my conviction, for what was supposed to be just a four-month cameo stretched on for a year, and my character become the hero for all practical purposes.”

“One other reason for my continuing success is sheer professionalism. I am always on time and never give unnecessary grief to my producers.” His other known shows include Kaala Tikka and Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil.

Looking ahead, he is also in talks with a few filmmakers. “Fingers crossed, I might move into B-Town as well.”

Returning back to Ishq Mein Marjawan, in closing, Vineet says that he is really enjoying working with his fellow lead co-stars. “There are only four actors – Arjun Bijlani, me and both girls, Aalisha Panwar and Nia Sharma. I really hit off well with Arjun and Aalisha, for we have been together from day one. Nia is also a great person to hang out with. Post shoot, we go out for dinners and parties etc. It is very essential to have similar-minded actors on set, given the stress and rigours of the job.”

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