TV has become big and grand: Mukesh Rishi

Mukesh Rishi talks about his role in the Sony TV show.

TV has become big and grand: Mukesh Rishi

Talented actor Mukesh Rishi might have disappeared from the silver screen, but all he recently made a comeback on TV with Sony TV’s prestigious project, Prithvi Vallabh (Writers’ Galaxy).

The actor, who was a part of huge projects like Gunda, Jalsa and Gupt: The Hidden Truth, took a break from the rush to concentrate on a good project.

He says, “I am glad to be back on the small screen. I was waiting for such a different show for my comeback. TV has become big and grand. TV impacts so many people in so many different levels, in a huge way. The making of a show, story, setup, concept, costume and publicity have changed. There is constant change on this platform and it is good for the medium. However, there is competition too, so everybody has to give their best.”

Talking about his role in the series, he shares, “Kalhari is the guru of Prithvi and he shares a great bond with everyone. There are a lot of shades and color to the character which I have not got to play in any particular series or cinema. Hence, I was really thrilled to be a part of it. This is an opportunity for me to do something different. I hope audience love it.”

When asked about the heavy costumes and dialogues, he adds, “Acting is not an easy job. The costume sometimes becomes a distracting factor because your focus is more on it.On the first day of shoot, I forgot my lines because of my head gear. Later, I got used to it. Actors look for challenges and I am happy that along with acting, here language is also a challenge for me.”

Way to go!!


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