Urfi Javed's statement has shocked the people

In the household right now, Urfi Javed is the only well-known name. However, everyone is startled by the various appearances she frequently sports on social media. Although everyone laughs and mocks her atrangi fashion sense, she appears to receive much media attention.

Sometimes Urfi is candid about her relationships and her wardrobe. She still won’t say who her fashion designer is, but she never ceases to wow everyone by donning a fresh, edgy outfit. Because she is humble and courageous, Urfi has gained a lot of popularity. She has a sizable following and has recently gained media attention.

Urfi gained considerable fame thanks to Bigg Boss OTT. She receives criticism from many people, but she doesn’t seem to care too much. The current trade sensation is Urfi, who is neither a heroine nor anyone else, but her horror is on social media. The paparazzi surrounded Urfi Javed as soon as she left the house and began their routine onslaught of embarrassing questions and responses. On Wednesday, a comparable event took place. Urfi emerged from the house drenched in Mumbai’s rain. Where do the paparazzi leave their openings? They gathered around her when Urfi appeared.

During their conversation, Urfi replied, “One day, I won’t wear clothes,” in response to their inquiries. “I don’t believe it is necessary to overly surprise my audience. I dress however I choose.” Urfi has been the subject of ongoing conversation ever since she made this declaration. Urfi’s gorgeous blue dress caused an uproar among her fans. Social media comments are now pouring in on Urfi as a result of the abuse she received for declaring that she would stop wearing garments when out and about.

Source: Indian TV

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