Sana Makbul Khan who essays the lead in Colors’ Vish talks about the news of the show going off air very soon. Read it here.

Vish was always a 90-episode limited series: Sana Makbul Khan

Today, with most shows shutting down in a matter of a few months due to low ratings, channels and production houses have come up with a new face-saving device – launch shows as limited series.

Something similar has happened with Colors’ supernatural show, Vish (Peninsula Pictures), with Debina Bonnerjee as the main lead, which started only 4-5 weeks ago. Now comes the news that this snake-woman show will go off air in August.

However, other lead actress Sana Makbul Khan says, “There is nothing to be shocked about, for we were always told that we planned to have 90 odd episodes, and the show would make way for Bigg Boss. As far as we know, we will be on air till September. There is no clarity on when the Salman Khan’s show will start. It might come earlier or later than the September end date being talked about.”

“For us, it was always a short duration series. Not sure if the same was communicated to the audiences.”

When asked about a possible extension or a sequel being discussed, she says, “No idea; we were told that if the numbers come, we might return post Bigg Boss with Season 2, but maybe at a different time slot.”

Interestingly, she refused to comment on the ratings, which have been quite low so far.

“All in all, I have enjoyed my stint. There will be an interesting twist to my character, so do watch out for it.”

Looking ahead, Sana would next want to try the action genre. “I am also game for web series.”

Unlike other girls, she is not very reserved about bold content. “That depends on the story.”

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