Vishal Patni’s look transformation for Sony TV’s Porus

Vishal Patni talks about his determined effort to get into the look and feel of his character for the show Porus.

Vishal Patni’s look transformation for Sony TV’s Porus

Talented actor Vishal Patni who essayed the challenging character of Nikumbh in Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman looks forward to his stint in the upcoming big-ticket show of Swastik Productions, Porus for Sony TV.

In Porus, he will play the role of Farus, son of Mausious who will want to be the King of Persia.

To look his character, Vishal being a perfectionist that he is, changed his look drastically.

Earlier, Vishal who had a lean muscle with subtle beard and short hair worked on the requirements of the character and achieved them successfully!!

Says Vishal, “As per the demand of my character, I grew my beard and hair. Also, I pumped up my muscles and learned the art of sword fighting, horse riding, and even the Pushto accent.”

Talking about his role and its importance, the actor shares, “Farus wants to be the King of Persia. He has anger within himself and can go to any limit to achieve his goal. Being a warrior, I needed to look strong; hence I spent my precious hours in the gym to pump up my body in order to get the feel of being a warrior. I sport my real beard and hair for the role.”

Vishal claims that Porus will be a much-liked show for viewers of all ages.

Best of luck, Vishal!!


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