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We have been waiting for this day: Anang Desai on Khichdi season 2

Veteran actor, Anang Desai, is looking forward to the premiere of the new season of Khichdi on Star Plus. “I regard my work in this cult comedy as my best. We all have worked very hard and I am hopeful that people will give us the same love and affection as before,” he says.

“You can expect much more craziness from Babuji and the rest of the Parekh clan (Praful, Hansa and Jayshree),” says Anangji, who has been a part of TV since Humrahi, way back in 1991. He was last seen on TV in Chidyaghar (SAB TV), as Markati’s father.

He does not feel that the 14-year gap was too long and it might take them some effort to get into the skin of the characters. “We have been waiting for this day, and I have continued to live this character internally. Hence, when shoot started, it started to flow out naturally.”

“Our characters are so distinct and distinguished that the audience will love them. They have the same old bench marks. And director Aatish Kapadia has also written the episodes in such a way that it will be very contemporary for today’s audience as well.”

Unlike other actors, Anang does not harp about adding stuff to his character. “For us, our script is king and the entire team collaborates to bring a smile to the face of our viewers.”

Point out that Star Plus is weak on the weekend factor, and he says, “I don’t know about the past, but Khichdi will surely find it with viewers. Everybody wants to relax afar a hard week. What better way than Khichdi to make their day.”

What do you think works for the show? “Script and characterization. Despite all their idiosyncrasies, they are very honest. One does not get such kind of unusual roles. The chemistry between us actors (Rajeev Mehta, Supriya Pathak etc) is so comfortable that it shows on screen.”

Here, he goes on, “It is very important not to overdo stuff. That is where our collective experiences and Aatish’s genius comes into play. He is very particular about what he wants.”

Wish him great success with Khichdi season 2.

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