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I want Ishq Subhan Allah to reach #1 spot: Adnan Khan

Television industry calls for immense hardwork and professional acumen to stay on course and eventually climb up the ladder of success. If you got it in you, the medium showers unbound love, fame and success, making a commoner a super celebrity in a matter of few weeks.

Similar is the case with young, dynamic and daring Adnan Khan, whose mature portrayal of Kabir in Zee TV cult show Ishq Subhan Allah (produced by Dheeraj Kumar) has made him a cut above the rest and we bet, he is here to stay.

The multi talented Adnan gets into a candid chat with

Tell us about the remarkable ‘Ishq Subhan Allah’ journey so far?

The journey up and till now has been incredible. Honestly, when I did a mock for this role, I did not expect to get a call back. But when I did, I started to think a lot about the character and the show. And when I bagged the role, I was really excited. I had no idea how the concept would have been accepted by the audience, but I always knew that I will put in my hard work. When the first week TRPs came, all on the set were congratulating each other. Being comparatively new to the industry, I really did not know much about the TRP system. Now after few weeks of run, I really feel happy that we have been doing good.

I am not proud, but I am more thankful to my Directors, Vikram Ghai and Vidya Sir; they are phenomenal people. Actually they set the stage for what you are seeing on screen now. They have been bringing the characters out from all the actors, including me. Eisha Singh needs a special mention, as she is such a professional; it is so easy and comfortable working with her. Our chemistry comes out easily. To sum it up, I feel lucky as a team like this does not get set up easily.

What has been the USP of the show?

There are multiple things that have attracted the viewers to the serial. Firstly, it is the storyline which is very prevailing. It resonates with lot of people, especially Muslims. I remember once my mom (who is very orthodox) was seeing a promo of the show, wherein Zara had few dialogues, and she immediately turned towards me and said, ‘Phew, this is so true’. So I saw that the Muslim culture has not been explored much. Our religion definitely preaches equal power to both men and women. But we have reached a stage in life where it is not happening, not because of the religion, but because of people. The show points fingers at just that. Secondly, the way Vikram is shooting the whole thing, is absolutely brilliant. It is so flattering and nice that I personally love watching the show. It is so beautiful to look at. Thirdly, all the characters in the show are etched so beautifully, that people relate to it very easily. I think these are certain factors keeping viewers glued to Ishq Subhan Allah.

As an individual, how do you take your first success in life?

Well, you really want to know the truth? I will be ‘No filters’…See this is my dream and truth. For me, it does not really matter much, the stage I am in right now. I want to take India to Cannes…. and this is my dream. I am a writer as well. The idea is to direct a film in the future.

So yes, this is my first stepping stone to success. I am really happy that people are starting to appreciate my work. For me, this is just the start of a very long journey that leads to Paris. Yes, I am proud of the fact that I have started my journey with Ishq Subhan Allah. But I need to really work very hard towards my goal. Please don’t get me wrong!! This is coming from my heart.

Go on… share your thoughts in detail…

My goal is a bit different. I want India to be a frontrunner at the Cannes. Yes, we are there now. But I too want to take India up there.

I want Ishq Subhan Allah to reach #1 spot: Adnan Khan

So how did the passion for writing evolve in you?

Even as a kid, I could write. In fact, in school I used to write lines for my friends to tell out to their girl friends (smiles). Basically I am very good with words. In fact, I have now started writing in Urdu as that would help my character in the show. I write ‘sher’ not the rhyming ones though.

Writing for me started way back in 2014 when I was bound to the bed after a surgery on my leg. I used to ridicule myself and get frustrated with all my dreams getting shattered because I had to stay home. That was when I started writing in order to utilize my time. I ended up writing a complete feature script. I sat on the story for two years; I really got good feedbacks. I even got one good offer but the deal did not happen as they did not want to cast me in it. I am now writing on another script of mine.

How can you concentrate on both acting and writing, considering that both are time-consuming?

Yes, I definitely agree with you. In fact, this happened to me last year, when I felt that I was getting more involved in my script. I had to take a back seat so that I could concentrate on acting. If you give me both writing and acting offers, I will any day pick up the acting offer. But yes, I will be a writer always.

Tell us about Adnan Khan…

I am a very people’s person. Actually I find it very disappointing that the industry lacks ‘the me’, with all the cut-throat competition happening. I dislike being with negative-minded people. I love the company of positive ones; it helps in good vibes when you are with them. I love to be with my family.

Tell us about your family…

I was born in Mumbai. We went to Dubai in between, but I got back because I wanted a career in acting. After my dad passed away, my mother has taken care of everything. I have a super supportive brother. When I got back from Dubai, he did not know that I was so very serious about an acting career. But when he saw me working hard, he changed his perspective and is one of my huge supporters today.

So, how similar or different are you from Kabir?

I connect a lot with Kabir, basically in the sense that we both believe in our families. I am also religious like him, and pray five times a day. However, the difference comes in our mindset. I have been taught by my father as a child to question, without going against anything. When you question, you will get a solution to things. However, Kabir has his own set of ideologies, and believes in whatever he does. Also he has learnt to blindly trust things, but I have learnt to question.

Talking about your chemistry with Eisha Singh, how do you create magic that is seen on screen?

Well, to tell you, when everything about the show is so good, our chemistry had to be nice. I am not being egoistic here. But with whatever I see around me, every single department involved works really hard. The directors, production team, writers and actors give the best. Our producer is so very involved; he gives us all the freedom we want. So when you have such a team, you have to be successful.

What are your expectations?

I want our show to reach #1 spot. Frankly, I have never been part of anything that has been the best. While in school as an athlete, I used to come second or third and that craving to be at the top has been there. So I want to be part of something that’s the best. As for my performance, I have a very long way to go.

Any regrets you have?

I have heard from people that good actors come from theater. However, I have never been part of theater. This actually made me feel bad as well as scared. But I told myself that I will learn and excel from here itself. It is pretty challenging for me, but I am learning the art every day. It’s like literally getting into unchartered waters. ‘Mushkil hai par Cannes tak pahunchnaa hai yaar….’.

What are your thoughts about marriage?

I don’t want to rush into it. I have my goals set before my eyes. I have a long way to achieve that. So I will take my own time to settle down into marriage.

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