Kinshuk Mahajan who recently became a proud father of twins would ideally not want his son and daughter to enter the industry as child artists.

Says Kinshuk, “I would prefer that they first complete their education and also dabble in all kinds of extra curricular activities before choosing their preferred career paths. I want them to grow up in a more secure environment.”

Do you think child artists lose their innocence during the course of working? “Well at first I did surely think so, but after meeting Arshiya Mukherjee who plays the lead girl Pihu in my latest Zee TV show Bhootu, I am not so sure anymore. She seems to have retained her innocence. She plays with us and does all kind of kiddy stuff (hugging, cracking PJ). But yes having said that, I still believe that getting to work so early has it’s downsides as well.”

Here Kinshuk admits that, “At first I did not like kids much. But my perspective changed when our bundles of love arrived. Fatherhood is a different feeling. Another milestone achieved in life is what I will say. But yes, we now have to be more responsible in our expenditures as taking care of twins is double the bill. Plus we need to make a nest for their future.”

So how tough it is to handle newborns? “Well I have yet to experience it, as my wife and kids are still in Delhi with my folks who can handle the situation better. Whenever I get a break I fly down to the capital to be with them.”

“My wife jokingly tells me that I will now start to experience the ‘P’ of  papahood when  I  share the burden of  staying awake all night as the kids keep crying which  is no mean task.  We have reached our deal and each will get up with one kid,” he ascertains.

Coming to Bhootu he says, “It is one lovely show and with it being centered around a kid, it seems to be just what the doctor ordered, considering my new dad status. Also as the theme is more light-hearted, it is fun to act. In between, the channel tried to experiment with high drama, but as the TRP’s dropped by 0.1, we returned to the original.”

Enjoy the true colors of life with parenthood embracing you, Kinshuk!!