Tanaaz Irani who will be seen in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum talks about her role and the show. Read on here.

Watch out for a potent combination of mass and class in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum: Tanaaz Irani

The talented and beautiful actress Tanaaz Irani is very excited about her new Star Plus show, Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, where she plays a rich, top notch doctor.

“My character is the aunt of the main lead, Karan V Grover.”

“One of the main reasons for saying yes was that Sandiip Sikcand helms the production and he knows how to give every character its full on-screen due,” Tanaaz adds.

“Sandiip just asked me to drop in for a look test saying he was sure that I will be able to do full justice to Dr Nishi, as he had envisioned her based on my past work.”

“He was so right, for I just love the sarcasm and the style the character brings to the table; she is so like me.”

“The biggest USP of our show is that everything appears very natural. Yes, given the dynamics of the daily grind, we will have drama. However, do watch out for a potent combination of mass and class, which should separate us from the rest of the crowd,” Tanaaz states.

Talking about the doctor vs actor duel which the promote talks about, she says, “Medical professionals work equally hard. Like us, they have to keep odds hours, missing family functions. We are just lucky that we did not have to cram to get the actor tag, as doctors have to.”

Tanaaz is finding working with both the main leads (Karan and Dipika) a breeze. “Neither of them has any attitude or that type of nonsense. You can learn and enjoy the acting process with them. It does not look like we have just started to band together for this project.”

Tanaaz, who has been around for years (early project was Zabaan Sambhal Ke), attributes her staying power to focus and God’s grace. “I did not join the industry for all the wrongs reasons, be it money or fame. I am here because I love the craft of entertaining people.”

Like several of her compatriots, Tanaaz too would love to dabble in the web space. “Web offers you roles that you can’t do on the tube or in films.”

But would you be game for dare-bare stuff as the format seems to demand? “See, a lot depends on my body. If I have the bikini shape, I would surely do it, but will not want to foolishly embarrass myself if not. Neither will I be taken in that light, eventually.”

Best of luck, girl!!

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