Anju Mahendroo seen in Star Plus’ Mariam Khan – Reporting Live talks about her role in the show and also opens up on the #MeToo movement.

I wish people would see shows with good content: Anju Mahendroo

Talented versatile actress Anju Mahendroo is presently playing a very fun-loving role, that of the mentor (Beeji) of Mariam Khan (Mahima Makwana) in Star Plus show Mariam Khan – Reporting Live produced by Somersault Productions.

Essaying a Punjabi character comes naturally for Anju as she is a Punjabi in real life.

Says Anju, “I love my character. Initially, it was the Dadi who said anything and got away with it. But now, it has become emotional with Mariam having gone to Bhopal. But eventually, Beeji will also go to Bhopal to help out Mariam in her cause. So I guess the cute scenes of Mariam and Beeji will start again. Even in the emotional phase now, Beeji is telling her what to do. So it is fun.”

“I have gotten into the skin of the character really well, being a Punjabi myself. But yes, I know where my minus points are and keep working on it. It is very important for an actor to know work hard on a role,” she adds.

Anju loves the fact that there is a motherly bond that Beeji shares with Mariam. “I love the fact that Beeji treats Mariam very much like her daughter. She feels for the girl. There is a lot of emotional bonding between Mariam and Beeji. We also talk to each other like friends and this makes for great viewing.”

Anju has been an actor for many years now. And looking at the vast experience she has had as an actor, we ask her about the changes that she has seen in TV today when compared to the yesteryears. “There are different ways of looking at it, I guess. See, technically it is superb now. Only thing is that working for 12 hours is a bit too much. The travel too is little cumbersome. But I wish the content would get better!! We are going into more of the historical, mythos etc probably because that is what brings in numbers. But again it is not meant for the lower middle class. Their content still remains the same saas bahu and horror shows. I wish people would see good shows with content.”

The #MeToo movement has been creating a storm uprooting the image of many noted and known personalities. On the movement Anju states, “This has been happening since ages. I am glad women are coming out. But I wished they had come out when it had happened to them to shame the guy. It can go either ways, there could be vengeance; there could be vindictiveness. A man is a man!! It can be any industry. Having said this, high time the women shamed them.”

Talking about the women’s #MeToo movement, she states, “Why only the women? Even the boys face it. The guys have not come out with it, but there are so many guys who are involved in this. There are some people who are ambitious; they come all the way from little towns, want to grow big by hook or by crook. The movement is really good, but nothing will change on a long-term level. Probably things will calm down for a couple of months, and then the same rubbish will start again.”

Well-said, Anju!!

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