Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor talks about his return to TV with the Star Plus show and also on his journey and learnings.

Women mature faster; hence they should not marry guys of their age: Sanjay Kapoor

Bollywood actor Sanjay Kapoor is making a return to TV with the Star Plus show Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara. He had earlier done a show on Sahara titled Karishma – The Miracles of Destiny along with Karishma Kapoor.

Sanjay said, “I am an actor and would love to do good work across all mediums. I really liked the current character; he is a very strong man who keeps his emotions under check and does not believe in jumping the gun and rather waits for time to settle things.”

When asked about the older man younger woman romance equation, as that is the mainstay in the show, he said, “Ideally women should not marry guys of their age, for they tend to mature faster. My daughter has evolved more than my son. Also age is just a number; two people can fall in love no matter how many years separate them. ”

When asked about the current level of small screen content, he averred, “I hope more progressive shows are made. We need to go beyond the current family/women staple and try to make content which appeals to other demographics as well i.e. youth.”

Sanjay felt that the best thing about TV is that it has a huge reach. “This is what attracts most of us. Cinema is also going through a change today with good scripts raking in huge monies. Back in the day Shyam Benegal also made thought provoking cinema, but they were limited in reach. Today thanks to TV, films like Neerja (Sonam Kapoor) which have been hits on cinema have got blockbuster ratings even on the tube.” Sanjay’s other notable films were Auzaar (1997), Mohabbat (1997) and Sirf Tum (1999). He was last seen in a cameo in the just released Mubarakan which also starred brother Anil Kapoor and nephew Arjun Kapoor.

When asked to comment on the current nepotism debate he said, “Family connections are bound to be there; it is but natural. But they only help to a point, beyond which only talent and luck counts. People say Sanjay was given a break in Raja, but if only lineage counted why did the producer not take me for future projects. When Arjun was talking to YRF for Ishqazaade they did not know he was Boney Kapoor’s son till things came close to signing.”

“Also all those who scream about so called favoritism, have they bothered to ask about what happened to the kids of many big producers who failed to make the cut?? You only talk about the successful star progenies, why?,” questioned the actor.

In closing Sanjay specified that he is also open to judging reality shows on TV. “But yes whatever I do must be dignified. I don’t want to be part of a project which dwells on negative emotions.”

Welcome to the small screen, Sanjay!!

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