When you work with kids, you re-live your childhood: Sarwar Ahuja

Sarwar Ahuja talks about his new show Mere Papa, Hero Hiralal

When you work with kids, you re-live your childhood: Sarwar Ahuja

Discovery JEET’s upcoming show Mere Papa, Hero Hiralal is inspired from a  true story of Mohammed Saeed, an autorickshaw driver who carried his two-year-old kid on his lap while plying his vehicle after his wife suffered a paralytic attack.

The emotional saga which features Sarwar Ahuja in the lead with Riva Arora (seen in films Mom and Haseena Parkar) as his daughter will showcase his challenge.

As per the plot, Lucknow based auto driver named Hiralal Tiwari (Sarwar), driven by the love for his adopted daughter Gungun (Riva), is determined to overcome all obstacles to help her recover from a medical issue.

Sharing about the concept, Sarwar says, “The story is about a single father and her adopted daughter’s journey. It is about every father who is working hard to secure his children’s lives. Although, my character Hiralal belongs to a poor family, he makes sure to give her daughter a life of a princess.”

Sarwar feels a person re-lives his childhood while working with kids.

“Riva Arora is a very good girl because of her there is liveliness on our set. The day she gets an off, we get really bored. She is fun to work with. After working with a fun-loving angel like her, I would love to have a daughter of mine. First time I am working with a child artist so it was a little difficult initially but now, I am trained to be a father. Now, when she tries to be sweet, I understand what she wants.”

He further adds, “It is nice to work with innocent kids. We have no reservation and stress. When you work with kids, you also turn into a small child and you re-live your childhood. It is more fun to be around kids.”

We agree, Sarwar!

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