Apara Mehta, the thespian actor talks about her long career and her newest role.

Over the years, I have seen TV scenario changing in front of my eyes: Apara Mehta

Seasoned performer Apara Mehta has done it all in her TV career spanning more than 20 years!!

The one genre that eludes her till now is mythology and Apara is pretty confident that she will be part of it if destiny permits.

Apara will now be part of Balaji Telefilms’ new thriller presentation, Qayamat Ki Raat for Star Plus.

Says the actress, “Qayamat Ki Raat has a very interesting storyline. The moment Ekta narrated the first episode to me, I found it really different. With the thriller genre show being a finite series, it will be really pacey and gripping. I guess in today’s times when a TV viewer has a lot to watch out for, any story that has to do good needs to be fast-paced and interesting. Qayamat Ki Raat has all the elements in it to intrigue the viewers.”

Ask her about her new experience of being part of the thriller genre and Apara says, “Actually my stint in Brahmarakshas paved the stepping stone for me to work in this genre. That role was a good preparation for Qayamat Ki Raat.”

Apara who was part of the first show to be shown on satellite channel, Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka says, “During that time, we were doing Ek Mahal Ho Sapno Ka in two languages – Gujarati and Hindi. Being the very first show on satellite, the show crossed 1000 episodes. I have been part of many successful shows, and coming back to Balaji Telefilms is like a homecoming to me. Nowadays, TV has become like a radio wherein ladies might not even sit and watch the show, but will understand by hearing to the dialogues. TV has changed so much right in front of my eyes.”

Apara feels that she is in a phase wherein she will get the best of roles and the best of pay. “When roles are coming to me, why refuse it? I usually get 3-4 offers and I have had to pick the best from it. I am thankful for this continuity as an actor. I have done all the genres possible and have the knack of quickly switching over from a daily drama to comedy. I will like to do mythological shows too some day.”

Apara is also interested in work on the web space. “I have survived for so many years and I will want to try out everything .There should be no limit for an actor, and work on web will be a welcome change.”

Apara, keep the spirit going!!

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