Pranali Rathod, a prominent figure in the Hindi television industry, is known for her beauty and talent. She regularly updates her followers about her daily life. Recently, she took to social media to express her love for the iconic Bollywood film ‘Rockstar ‘. In a nostalgic post, she shared a glimpse of the movie and her admiration for it. Watch the video below to see her heartfelt tribute to the film!

Pranali Rathod’s Instagram Post Appearance-

View Instagram Post 1: YRKKH's Pranali Rathod Feels Nostalgic, Shares Glimpse Of 'Rockstar' Movie, And Praises Ranbir Kapoor!

Pranali Rathod’s Instagram post features a video from ‘Rockstar ‘, a movie that has left a profound impact on the audience. The video showcases some of the most memorable scenes, from passionate performances to emotional journeys, that continue to evoke nostalgia and admiration. Watch the full video below to relive these moments!

The actress highlighted the film’s incredible musical moments, showcasing AR Rahman’s soulful compositions that remain timeless classics as she shared a video and added the song to the video called “Katiya Karu by A. R. Rahman.

She captioned her Instagram post, “Let’s take a moment to appreciate this film,” with a shy face and a heart emoji.

Pranali Rathod’s nostalgia for “Rockstar” is a beautiful reminder of the film’s enduring legacy. Her heartfelt appreciation post invites fans to revisit the movie and celebrate its artistic brilliance.

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