IWMBuzz.com reviews Colors’ show Tantra produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions

Review of Colors’ Tantra: An eerie tale about black magic

Supernatural shows are in trend!

Post Colors’ Naagin’s success, makers and content writers are experimenting with the genre to be in the number game.

Colors’ latest offering Tantra produced by Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Swastik Productions tells the tale of a family that has fallen prey to the clutches of incantation. The Khanna’s are an affluent family who move into their dream home but become unfortunate victims of the gruesome practice of Tantra. The antagonist is the house itself whose eerie effects makes the place unliveable and a nightmare for its inhabitants.

The show is an intriguing tale of incantation, mysticism and supernatural elements wrapped with family drama. The supernatural thriller marks the comeback of celebrated television actors Manish Goel and Juhi Parmar who will be seen as Prithvi and Sumati Khanna. The ensemble cast also includes Nayan Bhatt, Farida Dadi, Payal Bhojwani, Sargun Kaur, Gautam Vig, Kanan Malhotra, Munisha Khatwani, Harsh Vashisht, Gouri Tonk, Meghan Jhadav and Samiksha.

Colors take on a concept as interesting and little-known as black magic. This is another example of their innovation in content and their conviction to giving its audience fresh and compelling shows to watch.

The show begins with unnerving moments. Two thugs enter Khanna’s dream house. As soon as they enter the house, eerie things start happening. The two get trapped by the spirit and are dead.

Post this sequence, Niyati (Sargun Kaur) is seen participating in her college cycling competition. She competes with other girls and finally emerges as the winner of the same. During the entire competition, the family is introduced as the competition is aired live on TV and the family gather to watch the same. However, during the entire scene, Sumati (Juhi Parmar) behaves weird towards her daughter. Later, when she wins the trophy, she gives credit to her mother for her victory. Every character plays an important role and has an impact in the introduction scene.

Later, the hero of the show Akshat (Gautam Vig) is also introduced. The cute best friend banter between Akshat and Niyati lifts up the mood of the audience. The first episode ends on a high note with two murders taking place at the dream house. Akshat also tells Niyati about the house being like a human being and something is spooky about it but she refuses to believe the same.

Our verdict

The show keeps audience glued since the first scene of the show. However, the series also has some of the clichéd sequences which disappoint us. The scene wherein Niyati is participating and is being pushed by a fellow competitor so that she loses the race has been witnessed n number of times. Later, while the hero Akshat is proposing a girl, his friend Niyati come and acts as if she is his girlfriend. Niyati shares her feeling for the guy which eventually irks the other girl who is standing with them and she leaves in anger. This is also a scene which audience must have seen in some show or Bollywood movie. However, the mystery behind the house and the unusual mother-daughter relationship hooks us and makes us think about it. This frightening tale is sure to have the audience by the edge of their seats.

Juhi Parmar as Sumati looks gorgeous and has a good hold on screen space. Manish Goel looks apt for the role he plays. Sargun Kaur is impressive and we look forward to see her pass this test of being a good actor. Gautam Vig too looks apt for the role.

Tantra has begun on a good note, and is quite unnerving. We, at IWMBuzz, would rate it 3/5.

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