Review of Colors' Doree produced by Jay Productions. The show has Mahi Bhanushali, Amar Upadhyay, Sudha Chandran, Toral Rasputra playing prime roles. Read it here.

Review of Colors’ Doree: Emotional concept dealing with girl-child abandonment

Doree is the engrossing tale of a six-year-old girl child who was abandoned soon after her birth. The show addresses the burning social issue of how sons are welcomed by families, while girls born in the families are forced to meet with death or abandonment for no mistake of theirs. The show is produced by Jay Productions, which is known to always deliver with good production values.

Doree is a neatly made show. The makers and channel have got the perfect cast in place. Doree kickstarts with the audience seeing the beautiful landscape of Varanasi. The heart-wrenching scene of the mother being forced to part from her just-born daughter has been captured very realistically. The sequence where a drowning kid is saved by the idol of the Goddess who is being immersed in water, provides goosebumps. This is followed by a beautiful rendition of a father and daughter relationship, extremely emotional and real.

Ganga Prasad is a disabled person who has not been able to marry owing to his troubled lineage. His family gets complete with the arrival of Doree into his life. The manner in which Ganga longs for the kid and takes care of her, even through his disability, is effectively shown.

On the other hand, we have the Thakurain’s family, the family which actually abandoned Doree. But none in the family except the parents of the kid know that they actually abandoned the girl child and brought in a boy, not born to them. Kailashi Devi Thakurain showers all the love on her Lalla Thakur aka Vansh. Kailashi Devi is a staunch follower of gender bias, and this will lead to the opening of a great track.

Mansi who lost her girl child, is left devoid of motherly feelings and does not shower her emotions on the son growing in the house. Anand Thakur, meanwhile, is the same scheming father who can go to any extent for riches.

The Thakurain family is happy as their youngest daughter-in-law is pregnant with twins. She expects her to deliver boys who will further be heirs to their family.

Doree is extremely high on emotional content. Surely, the audience will wonder how any parent could abandon such a cute, innocent and smart child like Doree.

The dilemma faced by Ganga and his family for their hand-to-mouth existence, and how, despite all the shortcomings, the father longs to fulfil every wish of his little daughter, are endearing to watch.

It will be interesting to see Doree’s attempt to fight this social issue later on, and question hard on her being abandoned.

Coming to the cast, the show is blessed to have child actor Mahi Bhanushali playing Doree. She is such a natural actor. And who says, one can look beautiful only with make-up? Here is Doree who is naturally beautiful by looks and heart. Amar Upadhyay plays Ganga Prasad exceptionally. Toral Rasputra is a revelation, and she is challenged every time with roles that can create memories. Anurag Sharma, Mehul Buch, Atharva Johnny Sharma, Hardik Mehta, Haelyn Shastri play integral roles.

Sudha Chandran is yet another actress who can challenge herself with amazingly complex roles. She breathes fire into Kailashi Devi Thakurain. Anurag is doing a good job. The child actors are amazing in the show.

Doree is an eye-opener for sure, and it will educate the masses about the problems faced by a girl child after being abandoned by her family. The issue of gender inequality will be raised very solidly as the story progresses. The show will be surely watched by women of all ages. In fact, Doree will find viewership in people of all ages.

Above all, Doree is a well-executed show. The pace of storytelling is perfect. The show, as we reiterate, is high on emotions and will find a loyal fanbase in every home.

We credit Doree with 4 out of 5 stars.