Colors has a few launches piled up and all of them look to be interesting in one way or the other. Naagin 6 is now back with a fresh fervour of patriotism in its storyline. We now take a look at Balaji Telefilms’ next launch on Colors, titled Parineetii.

Parineetii is the tale of two best of friends, who hold a very different approach to life and in their thought process. While Parineet (Anchal Sahu) is the family bound fearful and shy girl, Neeti (Tanvi Dogra) is the daring, very confident girl who never shies to call a spade a spade.

Parineet and Neeti’s bond has been very beautifully etched. We simply loved the scene where Neeti enters into the conservative family of Parineet and literally takes everyone aback with her continuous, no-fear talk. The show depicts the tales of two contrasting personalities in the subdued Parineet and the outspoken Neeti, and this makes it all the more interesting!!

Parineet’s household is again engaging to watch!! Dolly Sohi as the ever-caring mother, Kaushal Kapoor as the dutiful father are endearing. Jeetu Vazirani and Arpana Agarwal play the chacha and chachi of Parineet. Arpana as of now, has had a good time in the story plot that has gone on air in the first two weeks. Vikram the cousin brother of Parineet, played by Ashish Dixit can be much better in his acting prowess, considering that he has a strong role in hand.

The show has in its first two weeks tackled the problems faced by the two friends who have in fact vowed that they will choose the groom for the other. The scenes where Neeti beats up the goons to get back Parineet’s chain, the scene where Neeti again beats the villain after he tried to get physical with Parineet have been shot well.

Coming to the performances, it is a sea change of a role for Anchal Sahu after playing the daring Bondita in Barrister Babu. She does a decent job of being the fearful persona here. But all marks and focus fall mostly on Tanvi Dogra in the first week, and this is mostly due to the kind of character she plays. As the tomboyish girl, Tanvi is doing a great job. She looks really cute in the kind of outfits she wears.

Ankur Verma plays the role of Rajeev, the male lead who will go on to be married to both these girls, Parineet and Neeti. It is love at first sight for Rajeev when he sees Neeti. And for Parineet, she seems to have a liking for Rajeev. Rajeev has bumped into Parineet and Neeti individually, on a few occasions. Ankur has to really prove his acting calibre in this role, apart from showing off that cute smile.

The story pace has been formidable with a lot happening in the first week. From Parineet getting saved by a daring Neeti from physical abuse, to Parineet agreeing to marry the same guy for her family’s pride, and Neeti trying her best to stop the wedding, we have seen the engrossing drama.

All that we have seen though is not new at all. Two best of friends showering all love is not new on TV. Also, the plot of one guy getting married to two girls is definitely not!! Above all this, it is to be seen how the audience accepts or reacts to the plot of two girls being married to the same man. In the modern-day era that we live in, not many from the urban sector will believe in this basic plot of the show. So a lot depends on the kind of drama that forces the girls and the boy to get into this tangle for life.

The plusses of the show appear to be the performances of both the girls Anchal and Tanvi. We reiterate again, the makers have to show a justifiable plot to get the audiences’ interest in the show.

We credit the show with 2.5 stars out of 5.