Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei the Star Plus show comes from the successful Producer duo of Gul Khan and Nilanjana Purkayasstha, who gave the well-accepted musical drama show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Taking the concept of music ahead now, is this new show which has dance as its backdrop.

The show is about a mother’s love and the sheer power of a mother to move Earth in order to get her lost child back. The show’s crux comes from the very fact that if a mother believes in anything, she has it in her to strive and achieve it.

The protagonist of the show, Nupur (Paridhi Sharma), a well-known Kathak dancer has faced tragedy when she lost her little daughter Payal owing to a planned kidnap. It has been seven long years since she lost her child, but Nupur holds on to the faith that her daughter is alive somewhere and destiny will unite them in the near future. Though her husband Milind (Himmanshoo Malhotra) wants to believe in his wife’s faith, he also holds a practical thought that they need to move on as a family, by keeping alive Payal’s memories.

On the other hand, we are introduced to the kidnapper of Payal, Rangoli (Monika Khanna) who lives in the slum area of Mumbai. She has six kids, all of them kidnapped and being used by her to steal and make money. Though Rangoli has separated all the kids from their real families, she still has a heart of gold somewhere hidden within her. She punishes her kids when they do a wrong deed, but also has a unique way of showering her love. She dreams of making big money and moving into a posh house along with her kids.

Nupur’s Payal, who is now called Chikoo (Vaishnavi Prajapati) lives with Rangoli. She is a livewire and has a very big asset in her dance. She has the power of mesmerizing anyone with her dance steps, and Rangoli uses it to her own advantage when she plans a robbery.

The pace of the show has been good. The longing that Nupur has for her daughter has been brought out with great effect. Paridhi’s amazing dance moves are captivating. The same can be said about Vaishnavi Prajapati’s street style dance.

The week gone by, saw some amazing sequences, starting from the kidnap of Payal to the sequences where the Joshi family remembers Payal. The auction sequences, the scene at the temple were interesting. The screenplay is very gripping, with a lot of detailing on facial expressions given for every scene/ situation.

Coming to the performances, Vaishnavi Prajapati is a show-stealer. As said above, the manner in which Vaishnavi says her dialogues with the apt expressions on her face is a must-watch. She is chirpy and even naughty wherever required, and can get emotional too. She has a wide range of emotions to display and does a good job.
Paridhi Sharma as the longing mother is doing a good job. She looks gorgeous on the TV screen. Himanshoo Malhotra is solid in his performance.

Monika Khanna is yet another show-stealer, given the kind of roles she has displayed so far, and the uniqueness that she has got in this role. Her diction is bang on, has the right amount of loudness that is needed for the character. Again, she looks sensationally hot in her glam outfits with bold lipstick colours.

The show has a good team of kids giving support and strength to the show. Actors like Dipali Pansare, Niranjan Namjoshi, Manav Verma have good roles.

The slum area, and the ambience in which Chikoo lives, has been shown very aesthetically. A striking contrast to the rich world of the Joshis, makes it all the more interesting.

The only thing that can go against the show is its timeslot. We have mentioned time and again that a show which is not in primetime will not get the audience support that a primetime show will usually get. Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei is a brilliant concept, which caters to audiences of all ages. Kids will simply love watching Vaishnavi and the bacha party in action. The show has everything in it that the housewives and ladies, every mother will love to watch. But alas, how many of them can watch a show at the band of 6 pm, is the driving question here. Also, with the kind of competition coming from primetime shows, there are huge expectations at shows which are placed at an early band.

If only the GECs can understand and evaluate the shows placed at an early evening slot in a different manner, and be satisfied with the ratings, with time, such shows can also turn out to be forces to reckon with!! Patience is the key when a good concept is placed at early evening slots, and we hope this show gets the most of it!!

We credit 3.5 stars out of 5 for the effort!!