Udti Ka Naam Rajjo is the first TV show as Producer of Creative Directors turned Producers Mukta Dhond and Bodhisatwa Datta’s Bits & Bots Media. With oodles of experience behind them with respect to creativity, there has been a huge expectation over this show. And trust us when we say this, Udti Ka Naam Rajjo has not disappointed us in any way!!

Pacey in nature, the story narrative has been on the go from episode 1. The biggest find of the show is its lead actress Celesti Bairagey. One should see this newcomer emote with her eyes!! She is terrific and the look that is given to her, especially the hair-do is mesmerizing. One cannot call her raw as it is her first TV show. She knows her craft well and has won hearts already with her overall display of emotions. Let us tell you that her smile is extremely infectious, and you will be forced to smile on seeing her smile.

Rajveer Singh as Arjun Thakur is really good. He is a loving son, and a man with a golden heart. Rajveer has gotten into the skin of the character very well. His quick changeover from being an angry man to the more concerned individual in many sequences, has caught attention. The only thing he could have done better was not to have the almost similar Qurbaan Hua look.

Another interesting aspect about the show is that there is already a good level of chemistry found between Rajveer and Celesti from its first week. This will really work in favour of the show.

A lot of work has gone into picturizing the initial episodes that show the entire village drowning owing to the natural calamity of rain and subsequent flooding. The series of sequences that lead up to the disaster has been shot well. These are the highlight aspects of the initial few episodes for sure. The effect of these terrifically shot scenes is that once the narrative shifts to Lucknow after a few episodes, we miss the ambience of the village and the tough scenes shot there.

Coming to the story plot, Rajjo is brought up by her mother Manorama who has herself faced rejection in love. Once an aspiring runner herself, Manorama got dumped in love by her own trainer which led to her life becoming a big burden. However, nothing has deterred her of raising her daughter with all the love. However, their poverty-stricken life has restricted Rajjo to spread her wings.

Rajjo a great runner, aspires to have a good athletic career. The scene where Rajjo is seen running with the fish, to sell them quickly, shows how great an athlete she is. This is again a well-picturized scene.

Rajjo is compelled by her mother never to run, but her instincts to run, keep her going. The disaster in the village separates the mother and daughter, and later brings Rajjo to Lucknow.

The Thakur family gets introduced in the first week wherein Arjun has a joint family. The mother of the house has an extremely emotional bond with Arjun, especially because he suffers an ill health after donating one kidney to his elder brother who has been a drunkard. The mother hates the very sight of her elder son for ruining Arjun’s happy life. However, the brothers share a very close bond.

The surprising twist is that of Rajjo’s real father Pushkar being closely associated with the Thakur family. Pushkar’s daughter is married to the elder son in the Thakur house, and Pushkar’s sister is also married in the same family.

Mukta who is known for her gripping and realistic storylines with a strong undercurrent of love, has got her craft in place in her first TV show as Producer. The Jodi of Arjun and Rajjo should also win hearts with the story progression.

The show has a good set of actors from Gungun Uprari to Siddharth Vasudev, Utkarsh Gupta, Pakhi Hegde, Avinash Sahajwani, Maleeka R Ghai, Jaya Binju Tyagi, Divyangana Jain and all others who form a part of the Thakur family.

Above all, this aspiring story of a girl from the lower strata of society, becoming an athlete should touch the chords of every TV viewer.

Overall, a very good start to the show. We hope Udti Ka Naam Rajjo’s interesting concept creates its own good viewership despite getting an early evening slot.

We at IWMBuzz.com credit Udti Ka Naam Rajjo with 4 stars out of 5 (a good one point is solely allotted for Celesti Bairagey, who is indeed a real good actress despite it being her first TV show).