IWMBuzz.com reviews Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons

Review of Sony SAB’s Kaatelal & Sons: Re-creation of film ‘Dangal’

Sony SAB recently launched drama Kaatelal & Sons produced by Contiloe Pictures, an inspirational tale takes viewers through the fascinating journey of Dharampal Thakur and his treasured hair salon named ‘Kaatelal & Sons’.

The show has roped in a stellar cast with Megha Chakraborty and Jia Shankar as striking sisters Garima and Susheela, respectively. Whereas, talented Ashok Lokhande will essay Dharampal’s role. The show also features Paras Arora, Ankit Mohan, Deepak Tokas, Manoj Goyal and others in the main roles.

About the show

Based in Rohtak, Haryana, the show takes the audience into the lives of this family, especially Dharampal’s beloved and daring daughters – Garima and Susheela. Dharampal believes that girls are meant to manage household chores and not run businesses, at least not a salon. He believes that his ancestral shop is aptly named ‘Kaatelal & Sons’ and cannot be passed on to his daughters, as girls are not meant to pursue such a profession. But his daughters Garima and Susheela are adamant about owning the salon and taking up the business. When the time comes, where the patriarch is in dire health complications and financial concerns arise, his daughters take charge but in disguise, leaving gender typecast aside and aspire to achieve their dream of becoming capable hairdressers and running their family business.

Good points:

The show is a light-hearted drama. Megha and Jia fit the bill as Garima and Susheela. The most important thing in the show is to bring the local flavour which has been aced perfectly by the leads. Megha, Jia and Ashok have aced the Haryanvi accent and they make you believe that they belong to that land with their amazing catch over the accent.

Bad points:

The show is another remake of Aamir Khan starrer hit film Dangal. The introductory scene of all the characters also seemed like being copied from the movie. There is no feel of freshness.

Overall, it is a decent watch and will most likely grow on you as the story proceeds. IWMBuzz.com credits the show 2 out of 5 stars.