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Review of Zee TV’s Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare: Good for laughs

Zee TV introduced a refreshing situational comedy Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare produced by Jaasvand Entertainments Private Limited that is making viewers laugh with its engaging light-hearted narrative.

All about the show:

Set in Bhopal, the plot of the show revolves around the strikingly handsome Ram (Nikhil Khurana) who runs a beauty parlour and while he provides the best beauty services in town, women also visit the parlour to gawk at him. While Ram is practically the Maryada Purushottam who doesn’t give in to the flirtations coming his way, Dulari (Jyoti Sharma) sees other women flirting with him as Surpanakhas. To ensure she keeps her man safe and away from the clutches of these Surpanakhas, Dulari uses several tips and tricks to keep Ram close to her as she rightfully says, ‘Ram Pyaare, Sirf Humare’! She gets the nuskas to keep her husband to herself from a book given to her by her brother Patang and though she hilariously ends up creating trouble for Ram and herself every single time she turns to the book; she doesn’t give up.

Adding to the comedy of errors, Koel (Shamin Mannan) aims to befriend Ram and Dulari, break their marriage and steal Ram. While the wife is blissfully unaware of Koel’s wicked plans, her actions and attempts to get close to Ram make Dulari question her intentions.

Good points:

All the characters were introduced in the first episode itself so that the audience can relate to them. All actors perform superbly, staying true to their characters and eliciting laughter with their antics. The sets are outstanding too, adding an element of fun to the proceedings. The show has the required ingredients to succeed.

Bad points:

As of now, the show has had a very normal start; there’s nothing that is unique in the plot. The storyline is slow but it would be wrong to judge the show by early few episodes. The two ladies Dulari and Koel, both have their takiya kalams in the show which do bring a humour element. However, they remind us of Angoori Bhabhi’s takiya kalams.

Overall, it is a decent watch and will most likely grow as the story would proceed. 2.5/5 is our rating for Ram Pyare Sirf Humare

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