As a personality, she's been stealing limelight effortlessly for reasons beyond understanding for many. Love her or hate her, you can't ignore her. What is the enigma about Uorfi Javed all about? Let's decode.

Uuf uuf Uorfi, why why Uorfi

Hate her, love her, definitely can’t ignore her. Uorfi Javed is a sensation, infamous and incredulously ingenious Bigg Boss fame, Uorfi is a fashion fiesta, likes to leave little to the imagination, an absolute darling of paps, while an icon for many, irritably ignominious for some. Uorfi Javed is a curious case. While she gets stopped at a restaurant gate, red carpet shutterbugs love to go clickety-click on her whacky avatars.

She is noticed, yes, by the masses and the classes. She is a rambunctious rebel who doesn’t care much about societal norms. Good for her. Some say she is the Lady Gaya version of India. Now, here is the dilemma, an existential crisis of comparison. Much like Ranveer Singh (another ostentatious character), Lady Gaga has alternate professions besides being flashy and foxy. (And they are often good at their work)

Uorfi is yet to find her calling, we believe, apart from her fashion frivolity. Not that we are being judgemental, Uorfi, if you observe her interactions and demeanour, is not a duh perse. She sounds sensible, exudes confidence and has meat between her temples. Uorfi can also find her calling, which, much to her ability, should go beyond flashing for the paps.
She knows to be in the game; now she must move to talent from ‘tamasha’.

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