Zee TV's Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Review: A unique tale of role reversal

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega makes for a good watch…

Zee TV’s Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Review: A unique tale of role reversal

Ever heard about daughter-in-laws finding a suitable mother-in-law?

Well, Zee TV’s new fiction offering, Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, produced by Shoonya Square Productions, revolves around three daughters-in-law set out in search of a suitable bride for their 40-year old father-in-law Akshat and each, for their own vested interests, get him married to 20-year-old Guddan.

Guddan, who always messes up everything around her, fails to live up to people’s expectations. They lose all hopes on Guddan, but her life takes an unexpected turn when she gets married to Akshat Jindal. She gets a big task of managing her three daughters-in-law, who are older to her.

The show aims to encourage viewers to brush aside naysayers, who always questions others ability to do anything, and cultivate a ‘Yes I can do that!’ attitude.

The show starts with Akshat’s three daughters-in-law being introduced. They are extremely commanding, mature and old enough to run a home successfully. Three daughters-in-law Saraswati, Lakshmi and Durga look after the house decorations, deliveries, payments and other follow ups. Once the party begins, the guests wait for the super cool Akshat Jindal. Akshat is a smart and stylish business tycoon, owning a chain of restaurants. He is a 40-year old widower. He doesn’t look as old as his age. He is a chef by profession and believes in perfection. He is a disciplined person. He suppresses his pain so much that he appears emotionless to the world.

Meanwhile, Guddan is introduced, who is seen helping a neighbour to get her little dog. Guddan is a simple, sweet, bold and confident girl. She likes being cheerful and colourful. She is someone who always does mistakes. Everyone in the locality feel that Guddan won’t be able to complete the task. She takes up the challenge and creates havoc in the locality while she runs here and there to catch the puppy. She finally catches the puppy and gives to its owner. Guddan feels confident, that no one can underestimate her.

Akshat finds a way to get saved from the marriage. He keeps such heartless conditions and tells his Bahus that his prospective wife must accept all the seven conditions. He wants the girl to accept the seven vows so that he can be rest assured about the girl’s suitability. Akshat wants to see who passes his seven conditions and wins his wife’s status. He misunderstands Kaushalya when she gets willing to walk on glass pieces. He insults her to be a gold digger. Guddan manages to attend the party. She gets angry seeing Akshat’s misbehavior. She slips into an argument with him. She smashes the cake on his face. She faces Akshat’s angry side. Kaushalya gets upset with Guddan and takes her home. She accuses Guddan for her mother’s death and reprimands further.

Our Verdict: 

The show brings a realistic character in the form of Guddan. It happens many times with carefree girls that people leave hopes on them and feel that they aren’t capable of anything. Such girls take the negative criticism in their stride and show up doing some extraordinary things. Guddan’s story is also motivating, that brings a smile along. She may inspire people to deal with tough situations in the easiest way possible. Kanika Maan as Guddan is fresh and vibrant, fitting into the cheerful girl’s role perfectly. Nishant as Akshat plays the character well by putting right amount of arrogance and charm. Costumes are according to levels of characterizations. The unusual pairing of Guddan and Akshat draws curiosity. There are lighter elements of comedy and drama. The story around Guddan and Akshat’s marriage can be called interesting, but not much practical. Akshat looks his part of being a handsome and most eligible bachelor, even though he is mature and a widower. The bahus’ characterizations are over dramatic.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega has begun on a good note, and is quite an enjoyable watch until now. We, at IWMBuzz, would rate it 3/5.

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