Mishal Raheja reveals fashion mantra

Mishal Raheja turns stylist for his show! 

Actor, Singer, Producer Mishal Raheja made a comeback with Kumkum Bhagya portraying the role of a rockstar. Mishal’s entry was straight out of a Bollywood film introducing him as a rockstar.

Mishal became a household name as Dutta Bhao in the intense family drama Laagi Tujhse Lagan & later after another outing with a fiction show went on a sabbatical to pursue his passion for singing. Mishal made his debut in Hollywood with a music single released worldwide in December.

Mishal returned to the small screen with Kumkum Bhagya & his role King Singh is unlike any other roles he’s played on television. Apparently Mishal has been paying attention to detail for his latest show & has been instrumental in styling his outfits.

Mishal shares, “King Singh has a lot of character & is not your usual hero. When the role was being narrated to me, I already painted a picture in my head on how should he’d look like & carry himself. Soon after we got started, the makers were happy to let me pick & choose my outfits. I went out shopping for some bling accessories, quirky boots. I have a bit of King in me & he has a bit of Mishal.”

‘The entire idea of picking up outfits that would define my character on the show was exciting but also a serious business. I was exposed to some crazy styling ideas while shooting for my music single in LA last year. They generally are open to experiments & it didn’t seem like a bad idea to incorporate the same for my show.”

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