Interesting drama in Colors show

Naren and Suzzi’s closeness to create drama in Belan Wali Bahu

Colors’ daily Belan Wali Bahu (Shoonya Square Productions) has been entertaining audience with intriguing drama.

In the coming drama, Suzzi (Shraddha Jaiswal) will be in trouble and she would need help to get out of the situation. Soon, Naren (Parijat Atreja) will offer to help her and she would agree to it.

However, Dada (Sudhir Pandey) will see Naren coming to Suzzi’s room. They would lean in and share a kiss and Dada will get shocked. This drama will create a lot of problem as the family members including Dada will think that the two are in love. They will try to probe the matter and finally learn that Naren was helping Suzzi and they are not having any affair.

Will Dada learn about this reality?

The actors were busy shooting.

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