Aap Ke Aa Jane Se to have a historical Maha-Movie

An interesting maha movie for the viewers.

Aap Ke Aa Jane Se to have a historical Maha-Movie

Weekends on Zee TV have become all the more fun and adventurous, with the idea of the Maha-Movies of its popular shows being aired!!

Working on its weekend special movie is Bodhi Tree with the cast of its show, Aap Ke Aa Jane Se starring Karan Jotwani and Suhasi Dhami as leads.

The show will see a very different story line in its maha-movie. It will be a historical on the lines of Bahubali.

A source says, “Shoot has started on a huge scale for the maha movie to be aired as two parts over the next weekend. The story will have a lot of fight sequences, palace intrigue and a very different avatar in which some of the cast of Aap Ke Aa Jane Se will be seen.”

We hear that Geeta Tyagi, Suhasi Dhami, Karan Jotwani, Mohit Daga and few others will be part of the cast.

We buzzed the artists but could not get through to them.

We hear that the story will begin with Sahil being taken few 100 years back in time by a tarot card reader and the story will tell him why he is not getting his love in present life.

Watch this space for more updates.


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