Akanksha Puri is upset and refuses to oblige to Paras Chhabra’s requests for doing his laundry. As you know, he is locked up in the Bigg Boss house.

Akanksha Puri is in full-on bitch mode, refuses to do Paras Chhabra’s laundry

Paras Chhabra is locked away inside the Bigg Boss 13 house. He may be one of the strongest contestants in the game this year, but the weakest when it comes to taking care of his stuff.

The guy has sent a huge load of his dirty clothes to girlfriend Akanksha Puri to be laundered. What’s more, there’s also a pair of dirty shoes in the pile of stuff to be cleaned. Now, any good ol’ girlfriend would have melted at the request of her guy. After all, ‘bechara’ Paras is locked up in the Bigg Boss House, where anyways he’s having to do all his own work with his own two hands.

But our feisty girl Akanksha doing nothing of the sort. In fact, she’s in full-on bitch mode, and has flatly refused to do Paras’ laundry for him. Her reason – he’s openly flirting with the girls inside the house, and after all that, expects her to do his laundry. Nothing doing, man!

But we aren’t the ones saying this. Akanksha’s saying this, and on social media too! The girl shared a video on her Instagram, showing the humongous stinking pile of clothes, along with her hilarious comments.

Here, check it out –

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