The reincarnation plot in Ayushman Bhava will see a new entry in Samaira’s mother.

Aruna Sangal to enter Star Bharat’s Ayushman Bhava

Star Bharat, the revamped channel which represents the ‘Fearless India’ has been welcomed with open arms by the ‘aam junta’. The shows have had a good sailing in the first week, and there’s lot more to look forward to!!

The Star Bharat show, Ayushman Bhava produced by Anuradha Sarin’s White Horse International will see a new entry this week!!

That will be of the female lead, Samaira’s (Megha Gupta) mother!!

Talented actress Aruna Sangal will soon enter the show as mother of Samaira.

As per sources, “The mother and daughter will have a hot-cold relationship. The mother would have left her daughter years back, because of her indulging in certain wrong deeds. The mother who would be a dignified lady would be shown living her life in an ashram. However, the fact that her mother has left her would be troubling Samaira and viewers will get to see the mother when Samaira will meet her at the ashram, wherein she will try to convince her to get back home.”

When contacted, Aruna Sangal confirmed the news to saying, “Yes, I did Mohi with the Producer and now I am back in Ayushmana Bhava.”

As we know, Ayushman Bhava is a reincarnation saga set against the backdrop of Mathura. The revenge drama has Ricky Patel, Avinash Sachdeva, Megha Gupta and Manish Goel in lead roles.

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