Fights, emotional outbursts happen on the day of judgement in the house

Surviving the Bigg Boss jungle as part of the luxury task was no lean feat, but all contestants managed to pull it off rather successfully. In the end, there can only be one winner and the blue team emerged victorious. Further we see that the contestants need to evaluate their performances and choose the worst performer from the losing team. This contestant will be sent to the kalkothri.

Shilpa Shinde, Benafsha Soonawala and Dhinchak Pooja are in the running for the title of the worst contender. Pooja is inconsolable and unable to get over the fact that she may have to face the dreaded kalkothri within her first week in the house. Arshi tries to convince all the gharwale to give Pooja another chance, but Hina has other intentions and wants to see Pooja in the jail. Vikas, on the other hand, is trying his best to convince everyone to send Shilpa to the kalkothari.

As the day draws to a close, the lawn is turned into an ‘Adaalat’. We see Sapna as the judge of ‘The Bigg Boss Adaalat’. Captain Hina is called up for questioning and is given a chance to hold on to her captaincy if she survives the tough interrogation of the gharwale.

Will Hina be able to retain her captaincy?

Watch the engrossing episode tonight on Bigg Boss.

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