The luxury budget task for this week will put Vikas in a troubled spot against Shilpa and Hina...

Bigg Boss 11: It’s Vikas V/s Shilpa and Hina at the Bigg Boss Cushion Bazaar

Post Jyoti’s eviction, Vikas finds himself without a support system in the Bigg Boss house. With the week’s luxury budget task in the pipeline, Vikas needs all the backing from the contestants so that if he is victorious, Bigg Boss will uplift the captaincy ban that was put on him.

Just before the task kick-starts, Shilpa and Hina bring out their inner stylist as they take on giving Puneesh and Akash a brand new haircut respectively.

It is said that making money is art and good business is the best art, a thought that is truly reflected in this week’s task. The lawn area is converted to a cushion factory where Shilpa and Vikas will compete against each other as businessmen trying to make maximum profit. With a limited supply of money, raw materials and labor, each one has to make 75 Cushions in a stipulated time period.

Vikas and Shilpa come up with strategies to convince the contestants to work under them and hire them as their employees. The real fun begins when TV’s Favorite Queens, Shilpa and Hina, plan a strategy to win against Vikas. While Hina steals needles so that the team can’t stitch the cushions together, Shilpa discretely steals all the money from Vikas’ locker.

Will Vikas’ team stand by his side or will they move to the other side?

Watch out for all the action in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11.

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