Following the Bigg Boss tradition, it’s time for the new captain to take over the house. Gharwale rejoice this week’s captaincy task as they select their contender through the expression of music and dance. The healing power of music certainly lightens the tension among the inmates of the house.

Post the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss starts by asking the contestants to elect two strong contenders from either the winning team or Sanchalak. Vikas puts his best foot forward to include Shilpa’ name in the top contenders but Arshi plays a smart move and discards her so-called Ma Shilpa’s name from the list. After numerous discussions and debates, it is decided that Vikas and Priyank will fight it out for this week’s captaincy.

There is a musical surprise waiting for everyone, as the lawn area is divided in two halves with huge DJ consoles on either sides. With each song, contestants have to come forth and dance to the tune of their favorite DJ between the two. The one with the maximum dancers will be elected as the captain of the house. Priyank tries his luck at getting maximum votes, by offering the contestants some goodie points! Current Captain Hiten is chosen as the Sanchalak for this task.

Starting with Saath Samundar Paar, Arshi and Hina dance it out on the floor placing their votes towards Vikas and Priyank respectively. Next ones to show their moves are Shilpa and Luv swaying to the tunes of Meri Pant Bhi Attractive; Bandagi and Akash hit the floor next and they cast their votes to Vikas and Priyank respectively. With each contender having 3 votes on their side, it is now up to Puneesh to select the next Captain. 

Who will Puneesh select?

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