Bigg Boss 13 contestant Mahira Sharma recently expressed her heartfelt desire on the Voot show Unseen Undekha.

Bigg Boss 13’s Mahira Sharma makes a revelation

Be it commoners or celebrities, we all have dreams and aspirations that we want to pursue in life. Our dreams are constant reminders that inspire and motivate us to keep up the hard work and we are sure that with the season finale coming soon, all contestants have something or the other planned for themselves once they step outside the house. In a recent clip of Voot’s Unseen Undekha, catch Mahira Sharma shares her dream of opening a salon.

The interesting conversation between the trio starts when Sidharth suggests Mahira, ‘Tu mimicry artist ban sakti hai’. To this, Mahira questions ‘Kyun banu main mimicry artist.’ Paras, who is also around mentions ‘Why not? It’s amazing. Cartoons ke liye kar sakti hai.’ Agreeing with Paras, Sidharth here mentions ‘Tu lagti bhi hai.’ Paras further tells Mahira, who is not sure about being a mimicry artist that he would love to be a dubbing artist if given a chance.

Mahira then goes on to reveal ‘Acting bhi apni family ki wajah se kar rahi hun main’ while her BFF Paras tells Sidharth that she would rather be a hairstylist. When Sidharth prompts her to reveal more about her passion, Mahira opens up and shares ‘Kaam nahi, mujhe karna hai open, main karungi. Aur aisa waisa Salon type nahi khali ki Salon hai chalo thik hai. Matlab, ekdum accha wala jiska interior bhi sexy hoga. Naam toh maine socha hi hua hai.’

Not just this, when Sidharth asks Mahira to reveal the name she refuses to do so and says ‘Uske workers bhi maine soche hain kaise rakhungi aur interior bhi.’ Later in the video, Paras is seen revealing a secret about him. He tells Sidharth ‘Tu soch bhai, zindagi dekh meri. Salon main job kari hai maine, as a Manager aur gym main bhi kari hai.’

Well, isn’t it interesting that there are still so many things that we don’t know about our favorite contestants, when the season is just about to get over. Get all the latest gossip from Bigg Boss S13 and tune-in to Unseen Undekha on Voot to watch Mahira reveal her dream of opening a Salon!

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