Bigg Boss 12 house contestants have been entertaining with thrilling drama.  

Earlier in the week, Bigg Boss announced a mid-week eviction wherein Karanvir, Neha and Sreesanth are called to the activity area. Contestants are told to select one person whom they would not like to see in the house. Dipika takes Sreesanth’s name, however, she being a good friend gives a proper reason for her decision. Bigg Boss announces that the final decision lies with the audience.

However, soon, Sreesanth gets eliminated but goes to the secret room along with Anup. However, the contestants are not aware about the same.

In tonight’s episode, Dipika will break down and will speak to Karanvir about Sreesanth’s eviction. Meanwhile, Sreesanth would be watching them. Dipika will also tell that it was not a strategy in the game but she could feel the pain in him to go home, hence she chose him.

However, Sreesanth would feel that it is a mere game plan of Dipika and he would feel that her tears and care are fake.

Is their friendship in trouble?

Keep reading for more updates.

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