Rohit Suchanti and Deepak Thakur try to throw Somi Khan out of the captaincy race in Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12: Rohit-Deepak team up against Somi in captaincy race

In Bigg Boss 12, we saw that the contestants have been given a luxury budget task to fight for captaincy.

In the last episode, we saw how Megha did planning and plotting for the luxury budget task. Also Surbhi and Dipika got hurt during the task. But Megha is emerging to be a good player with this task. She knows how to make the contestants on her side. Now, luxury budget task is over and there are three contestants who will fight for captaincy.

Those contestants are Deepak Thakur, Megha Dhade and Somi Khan. Now, Rohit and Deepak plot to throw Somi Khan out of the captaincy race. Though Surbhi refuses to be a part of the plan because she considers Somi a friend, Rohit and Deepak do it anyway.

Megha Dhade and a couple of other housemates also ask Saba Khan to not react since she will be giving away their strategy. But Saba goes on a rant anyway and Somi tells her off. The two sisters then get into an argument.

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