Rohit Suchanti’s mother took to social media to post a special message for her son.

Bigg Boss 12: Rohit Suchanti’s mother posts a heart-warming message

Bigg Boss 12 wild card contestant Rohit Suchanti’s journey has just begun and it is becoming a roller coaster ride for him.

In Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan showed Rohit the footage of housemates gossiping about Rohit and making fun of him. Obviously, Rohit lost his cool and yelled at Sreesanth. While Rohit was yelling at Sree for his actions, the former cricketer was seen laughing at home and mocking him further. Rohit handled the situation though.

Just like any mother, Rohit’s mom who cares about her son, posted a heart-warming message wherein she mentioned about his struggle on his official Instagram page.

Must say, a mother’s heart poured out the love that she has for her son!!

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