The Sultani Akhada battle between the boys Asim, Sidharth and Paras will be nail-biting.

Bigg Boss 13: Asim, Sidharth and Paras fight it out at the Sultani Akhada

The First Finale episode of Bigg Boss 13 on Colors will come with huge drama, excitement and of course tension.

As Salman Khan takes us along the journey wherein he will announce names of the three contestants to go out of the house, there will be an eager battle on cards.

The Sultani Dangal that Salman Khan will organize between the macho men of the house Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra will create tension-filled moments.

As we know, the three of them are powerful in their own ways and Salman will be seen urging the viewers to witness one big match at the akhada.

So who do you think will win?

As the three men take to the Akhada showing off their muscle power, the girls will cheer them and support their favourite.

In Round 1, Sidharth Shukla will throw both the men Asim and Paras out of the akhada, thus getting declared as the winner of the round.

Round 2 will see a huge comeback from Paras as he will push out the other two men from the ring.

Round 3 will be an anti-climax with Asim not allowing the other two men to give a knockout punch and will take the round as winner.

With all the three boys winning a round each, Salman Khan will announce a Tie-breaker round which will declare the winner.

Who will win the Sultani Akhada?

Who is your favourite out there?

Drop in your thoughts on this…


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