Best friends Karan Singh Grover and Aarti Singh reunite on Bigg Boss 13

Bigg Boss 13: Best friends Karan Singh Grover and Aarti Singh’s emotional reunion

After a week full of emotions the weekend too has an emotional start when Bigg Boss announces the freeze and release task for the contestants.

The moment Bigg Boss asks the contestants to freeze, the first guest to enter the house is Karan Singh Grover. Aarti breaks down on seeing her best friend and without wasting a moment hugs her tightly. A proud friend Karan tells Aarti that she is perfect the way she is playing right now. He asks her not to change under any circumstances . He also says that Bipasha has asked her to stay strong. Karan also lauds Asim for his game and says that he and Aarti are Bipasha’s favourite contestants.

The next doorbell rings and the housemates are asked to freeze again. The next person to enter sweeps Shehnaz off her feet. She has often mentioned Gautam Gulati’s name in the house but seeing him person leaves her shocked.  Gautam enters and sees Shehnaz blushing as he hugs her tightly. Bigg Boss gives Shehnaz a chance to meet him and releases her. Shehnaz hugs him tightly and showers him with kisses. Her happiness has no bounds when Gautam asks her to  dance with her and the duo romantically shake a leg on ‘Dil Diyaan Gallah’. Shehnaz thanks Bigg Boss for this surprise and for making her dream come true.

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