Bigg Boss 13 has been the talking point in the last few days.

The war zone drawn inside the controversial house in the Colors show is such that it has received attention from all quarters.

And the latest celebrity to pay attention to the happenings inside the Bigg Boss house and choosing her favorite contestant is the extremely popular Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu.

Bipasha who is the celebrity wife of popular actor Karan Singh Grover has made her choice and has expressed her views clearly in a post that she put up on Instagram.

According to Bipasha, Arti Singh is a very good human being and has seen lot in life. And Bipasha admires her for her loyal nature.

In the post that she put up, Bipasha has come all out in supporting Arti Singh in the Bigg Boss 13 game.

Check out the post here.

View Instagram Post 1: Bigg Boss 13: Bipasha Basu goes all out to SUPPORT Arti Singh

Wow!! Arti indeed has a huge admirer and vote seeker in Bipasha.

Do you agree with what Bipasha is trying to convey about Arti?