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Bigg Boss 13 will see exciting stuff along with drama and fights.

Bigg Boss 13 Day 50: Drama over the Swayamvar of Shehnaz

At the onset of a new day, the contestants wake up to ‘Om Mangalam’ wondering what Bigg Boss has in store for them today. As they proceed to have breakfast, Shehnaz realizes that the utensils have been used up and are still lying in the sink. She gets frustrated because of lack of help from the others to clean utensils. Agitated by everyone’s response and irresponsibility, she creates an issue and taunts Himanshi for not being proactive and not offering to help. A tiff breaks out between Himanshi, Mahira and Shehnaz where Mahira and Shehnaz tell everyone that since there is no captain in the house, they all need to step up and divide the responsibilities. The fight escalates when Rashami also complains that no one helps her in making rotis and she wants to change her duty. Sidharth Shukla intervenes and they get into an ugly fight and they end up questioning each other’s characters and intentions. Another argument erupts between Asim and Sidharth as the former tries to control Sidharth for being aggressive towards Rashami.

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces an exciting task wherein Bhau is asked to play the land lord of the house while Rashami is his wife. They both have a daughter named Shehnaz who is a spoiled brat and is in love with both Paras and Sidharth Shukla. Shehnaz wants to get married to either one of them but is very confused. Bhau invites Sidharth and Paras’ family to their house where they have to impress Bhau and his family by performing a series of tasks assigned to them. After equal intervals a buzzer plays and Bhau has to get three baskets of flowers and distribute it to one family that he approves of. The family which gets maximum baskets will win the task and their son will get married to Shehnaz. Additionally, the winners will also become contenders for captaincy. There are two mandaps built in the garden area which the families have to decorate and the opposite team can choose to destroy the mandap too. After the announcement the housemates don their best costume and to impress the ladkiwale, Vishal decides to cross dress and play the role of Paras’ aunt. The contestants also take group meetings and when Bhau, Rashami and Shehnaz meet up to decide their plan, Bhau declares that he wants to be the captain but even Rashami tells him that she chooses to be safe and hopes to be the captain. After the first buzzer the contestants assemble in the living area which has been converted into a royal darbar. Shehnaz behaves like a princess and asks Paras’  family to repeat “ Shehnaz paltu master nahi hai’” and Sidharth’s family is made to say “ Shehnaz humari favourite hai’. Vishal gets into his character and does gidda with Shehnaz.

But the happiness and fun is very short lived,  and a major fight erupts between best friends Sidharth and Asim who get into a fight over serving fruit to Shehnaz. The fight gets extremely ugly and other housemates also get involved. They even try to stop them but Sidharth vents out his anger as Paras Chabbra instigates him against Asim and adds fuel to the fire.  Aarti and Himanshi raise objection against this saying that Paras is playing his game and taking advantage of the situation.

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