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Second week in a row girls face the brunt of nominations in the Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss 13 Day 8: Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai get into a brawl

Week 2 Day 1! The contestants wake up grooving to ‘Unchi hai building’ starting the day on a happy note and gearing up for new challenges. Just when everything seems to be hunky dory between the contestants, Bigg Boss introduces new twists and wreaks havoc inside the house. Getting candid about his personal life, Paras Chhabra opens up about his relationship that turned unpleasant before entering the house. He also says that Shehnaz’s liking is growing stronger, but Mahira and Paras’s friendship is upsetting her and she is turning envious.

As the new week commences, it also calls for nominations and this week will also put the girls in a tight spot. This time around, the much-dreaded process gets a fairytale touch. A trio is selected for multiple rounds wherein both the girls have to stand at two different windows and convince their male partner  ‘why they should not be nominated’. This task brings out the pent-up frustrations to fore. The first trio to face the process is Mahira, Shehnaz and Paras. While Mahira says that Paras can consider as his loyal friend and someone he can count on throughout the season, Shehnaz exclaims that she doesn’t appreciate Paras’s friendship with other girls. Paras, on the other hand, counters Shehnaz’s point of view by saying that even she did not respect their bond and has been ignoring him since morning. The nomination process leaves both Paras and Shehnaz broken and in tears.

Up next, Rashami, Sidharth and Aarti’s triad goes in for the nominations process. Rashami  tries to  convince Sidharth to keep her from getting nominated as she believes they know each other well and claims that they have a strong connect hoping that it will only become stronger in the coming days. However Sidharth has a different view point and it gets replicated in his actions. Just when it gets evident that Shehnaz is supported by most of the men in the house, Mahira and Devoleena begin sensing a negative vibe from her. A lot happens in the kitchen area as well. Paras and Aarti get into a major argument on cleaning of mugs. Things further heat up when Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai get into a brawl over their responsibilities and kitchen chores. But all this seems to be having no impact on Siddhartha Dey and Shefali Bagga as they both seem to be busy forming a new connection with each other.

Mahira or Shehnaz, Rashami or Aarti, Shefali or Dalljiet, Devoleena or Koena? Who will get nominated this week.

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