Bigg Boss 16 winner and rapper, MC Stan recently went on to send the fans into a frenzy, and cause immediate concern amongst everyone. The man went on to post on his Instagram story, ‘ya allah bas maut de’ which was cryptic and unclear as to what was he referring to. For the uninitiated, it translated to ‘hey god, give me death.’
No one knew the reason or context of this note.

Bigg Boss 16 winner and rapper, MC Stan's Instagram story about 'wanting death' sparks frenzy 896747

Many fans reshared his note, seeking answers and offering support. One user questioned, “Bhai kya ho gaya?” (Brother, what happened?), while another urged him to consider his fans’ feelings, writing, “Mat kr na lala apne fans log ka soch” (Don’t do this, think about your fans).

It has only been a few hours but despite of this, Stan hasn’t gone on to post any clarification as to why he did post such a note on his story. Stan has been keeping a low-profile for a while now, where he is usually seen at parties and events but has been absent from them.

Stan’s recent outing in Mumbai only heightened suspicions. Emerging from a restaurant, he concealed his face behind a mask, thwarting both fans and photographers’ attempts to get a clear view of him. Such peculiar conduct merely intensified speculation surrounding his mental state.

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