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Bigg Boss synopsis - Day 10

Bigg Boss Day 10: Mehjabi and Sapna get into a massive fight with Arshi

The royal task of wooing King Hiten is still underway, as Queen Arshi and Queen Shilpa battle it out by putting their best foot forward. As the sun rises on another day in the Bigg Boss house, so do the tempers with Arshi getting into a spat with Sapna and Mehjabi.

Happy to play the role of a queen, Arshi daydreams of a make belief royal wedding with Hiten, but Sapna crushes those thoughts by passing snide remarks. Arshi then retaliates by demeaning Sapna, calling her a ‘Naachnewali’ and thereon the fight between them ensues. Sapna finds her own unique way of getting back at Arshi – she follows her around singing songs and changing the lyrics to reflect her mindset. A silent ticking bomb, Sapna also discloses that she wouldn’t mind getting into a physical brawl if the time so implores.

On the other hand, Mehjabi seems to be frustrated with Arshi’s behavior and picks a fight with her. She goes on to say that Arshi is spreading dirt with her words and actions. Amidst dire threats flying lose, Mehjabi warns Arshi to stay well within her limits or the repercussions will be grave.

Later in the day, the contestants from both teams work hard on the royal task to impress King Hiten. Sabyasachi shows off his culinary knowledge by preparing exotic meals; while the ladies – Hina, Arshi, Shilpa and Jyoti massage Hiten through the day.

Which is the team that conquers the King’s heart remains to be seen.

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