Dalljiet Kaur might return as wild card in Bigg Boss

Dalljiet Kaur to return as wild card in Bigg Boss?

Can eliminated Bigg Boss 13 contestant Dajiet Kaur too return as wild card soon?

Yes, if sources are to be believed, she too might soon come back.

Dalljiet Kaur, like Koena, was eliminated in the second week, for she was not providing entertainment, and only talking about her son.

Two wild card entries are to enter along with Koena his week, so that leaves space for 2 more slots. Will Dalljiet return now, or some wild cards will be held back for later?

If Dalljiet enters, it will kind of skew the game in favour of the first lot of original contestants as their numbers will increase.

Sources add that one more reason for Dalljiet’s possible reentry could be the minimum guarantee already payed to her to last 4-6 weeks (most celebs sign it). If Dalljiet goes home early, Colors’ money also goes down the tube.

At first, there was buzz as reported by us too that Koena was refusing to return, feeling that she had been given a short shrift. But we can guess the creative convinced her to return. The fact that the wild card was mentioned in the contract must have played an imp role in finally convincing her to agree to get locked again.

Let’s see how different does Dalljiet play the game this time around. Can her break up with husband Shalin Bhanot now be part of the mix?

We tried to reach out to Dalljiet and Colors but could not get through to them.

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