Dedicated Donal Bisht has an ‘icy’ ordeal on the sets of Roop – Mard Ka Swaroop

Donal Bisht had to shoot being tied to a block of ice and the girl mustered courage to put her best foot forward.

Dedicated Donal Bisht has an ‘icy’ ordeal on the sets of Roop – Mard Ka Swaroop

Donal Bisht, the lead of Colors’ Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop (Rashmi Sharma Productions) is a thorough professional and she proved it with her committed mindset for a very tough sequence that she had to shoot for!!

Imagine being tied up to a huge ice block for the whole day!!

This is exactly the situation Donal found herself in, for the sequence.

As per the drama in the show, Ranveer (Neil Bhatt) has kidnapped Ishita and has kept her captive.

This will have Ranveer tying up Ishita to an ice block.


Donal had to go through lot of ordeals with the ice melting under her leg, and also crashing into pieces all of a sudden. And in the impact of the ice breaking, she slipped and fell too. However, the sequence was shot with a new block of ice and Donal did put in her best foot.

Says Donal, “It was a very important scene and looked scary to start with. But as an actor, I have loved doing things on my own. Being an actor, one needs to fulfil all that is required for sequences. It was dangerous with all showing pity on me (smiles). Ice melts after a while and I even slipped and got hurt on my back when the block crashed and broke. I was scared to stand with the next block that was brought.”

“Everybody on set congratulated me for completing the sequence after it was over. I was shivering as we were shooting the whole day for this sequence. Precautions were taken on the set though. I also made sure to sit near a warm light so that my body got a bit hot. I also got unwell the next day, but all is part and parcel of being an actor,” she adds.

“An actor’s job is not easy. I want to tell this to everyone who thinks acting is an easy job. It is a very demanding job which needs all the dedication. Hats off to all the actors who are passionate towards their job as an actor,” she exclaims.

Wow!! Way to go, girl!!

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