Deepak argues with Dipika in Bigg Boss 12

Deepak and Dipika get into an ugly verbal spat in Bigg Boss 12

Bigg Boss 12 is turning out to be even more interesting. As the time spent in the house increases, the housemates are getting into a tough competition.

Yesterday’s episode turned out to be a roller-coaster of emotions where we saw Sreesanth disclosing his side of the Slapgate incident that took place between him and cricketer Harbhajan Singh, Deepak instigating the hell out of Megha to get some breaking news, Surbhi Rana becoming the captain and much more.

Tonight, irritated Deepak argues with Dipika. Deepak accuses Dipika of bribing Surbhi Rana to favour them as they helped her in winning the captaincy task. Deepak is supposedly upset because of him losing the captaincy task and hence vents out his anger at Dipika and Surbhi. He also instigates Dipika by calling her a footage seeker which further irks the actress and both of them end up getting into an ugly verbal spat.

How will this fight end?

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