Deepak and Megha to get into a huge argument in Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss doesn’t leave any stone unturned to add more drama in the episodes.

Everything comes with a price, be it friends or enemies, especially in the Bigg Boss house. After several warnings, the contestants continued to break the house rules and Rohit – Sreesanth were levied with punishments where they had to wash huge utensils.

Tonight, Megha being Sreesanth’s friend will help him, but the others would ask her not to do so as it was a punishment and not a task. Megha will refuse to listen to anyone and Deepak would mock her saying she is doing this for attention so that she is further visible on screen. His comment will trigger a huge argument between the two of them. Romil will also take Deepak’s side and stand by him in the fight.

Rohit and Sreesanth will continue working towards completing the punishment given to them. Sreesanth will be called in the confession room, where he will not be able to hold back his tears and will have an emotional breakdown because of the punishment imposed on him.  Bigg Boss’s kind words and motivation will help lift his spirit and he will return with a positive perspective.

Is this Sreesanth’s game plan?

Keep reading for more update.

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