Dhinchak’s rap song angers Hina and the two indulge in a fight in the Bigg Boss house

It’s ‘Dhinchak’ time in the Bigg Boss house with Dhinchak Pooja being asked to do what she’s actually best at!!

Yes, we have seen that with the luxury budget being at stake, all depends on Dhinchak and her rapping ability to impress Bigg Boss and up the scale of budget for the week!!

So Dhinchak with the help of Akash and the phone and selfie stick given, will create a rap song wherein she describes every contestant in the house!!

And Dhinchak will end up upsetting one or two of them!! And the one to raise it as an issue will be none other than Hina Khan!!

We hear that Dhinchak will frame the lyrics in which she will describe Hina as ‘Hina hai Support ki maari’… And this will not go down well with Hina. The popular actress will immediately express her disappointment in the form of anger. The two of them will have a fight after which Hina will be seen telling her gang of friends in the house about how she feels about Dhinchak. And Hina will go on to call Dhinchak ‘Badtmaeez Rapper’…

After all the hue and cry of Hina, and considering that the luxury budget is at stake, Dhinchak will be forced to change the lyrics and please Hina.

Oh well!! Hina has had her last laugh here… Will Dhinchak get back at Hina later?

Gear up to see it in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss on Colors

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