Dinosaurs are on the run as they decide who the next Captain in the house will be...

Dinosaurs to choose the next Captain in the Bigg Boss house!!

After Sabyasachi’ exit from Bigg Boss, the house is awaiting its next captain. This week’s luxury budget task ‘BB Dino Park’ will play a vital role in deciding the top contenders for the captaincy task. Though Benafsha is already nominated for eviction, she can become the next captain but will not be safe from nominations. Today the chance of attaining captaincy for some of the contestants is going to be crushed by the dinosaurs running around in the Bigg Boss house.

The lawn area has been converted into a dinosaur park and each contestant’s photograph is placed in the center of the lawn area. Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi are the three dinosaurs locked in a cage in the BB Dino Park. At regular intervals, with the sound of a dinosaur roaring, one dinosaur can come out of the cage and crush one of the contestant’s picture whom they don’t want to see as the next captain.

The other contestants will play the role of care-takers who have to pamper the dinosaurs. It is their responsibility to ensure that dinosaurs are happy and well-fed! As the three dinosaurs Vikas, Puneesh and Luv are in the cage, they plan to peacefully complete this task by taking turns to get out of the cage.

It is rather rare to see any task being peacefully completed, and this time is no exception! Vikas and Luv seem to disagree with each other from time to time. Contrary to what was planned and discussed, Vikas goes ahead and does what he pleases and kicks Hina’s photo instead of Sapna’s and then retaliates saying Luv should use his own sense while playing this game. He warns Luv not to influence his mindset just because he wants Hina to be one of the top contenders for captaincy.

In the midst of all this drama Sapna loses her temper and in anger she kicks her own photograph saying she no longer wants to be a part of this task. Hina and Hiten cannot stand Sapna behaving like this and take this issue up with her citing her childish behavior cannot affect the outcome of luxury budget.

Who will the dinosaurs throw out of the captaincy race today?

Get ready to witness it in Bigg Boss!!

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