It’s a mission on ice slabs to save contestants from kaalkothri in Bigg Boss 12. Read the update here.

Dipika and Megha to save Sreesanth from kaalkothri in Bigg Boss 12

It’s been a week full of failures in the Big Boss house. Be it luxury budget task or the captaincy task, the contestants have failed in each of the tasks given to them resulting in cancellation of all the tasks possible.

Bigg Boss gave the contestants a chance to save any one person from the jail. As part of the setup, three locked boxes were kept which had the key of the kaalkothri and there were ice slabs kept in the garden area, and each had a key hidden in them for the boxes.

Romil was chosen to play for Sreesanth, Rohit for Deepak and Karanvir for Surbhi. Romil, Deepak and Karanvir had to sit on one ice slab with the box and had to convince the others to help their favourite contestant by breaking the other ice slab with a hammer and get the key out.  Jasleen was the sanchalak of this task. Dipika and Megha chose to help Romil and Somi alone chose to help Karanvir in order to get Surbhi out of jail. Rohit tried to convince everyone to help him but they wouldn’t budge.

We hear, Dipika and Megha will be the first one to break the ice slab and help Romil. Soon, Romil will remove Sreesanth from the Kaalkothri.

Keep reading for more updates.

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