Contestants to get a chance to escape from nomination in Colors’ reality show Bigg Boss 12

Dipika to refuse to destroy Shoaib’s jacket for Karanvir in Bigg Boss 12

This week began on an emotional note with family members entering the popular reality show Bigg Boss 12.

After the remote control task for the luxury budget, Bigg Boss will give contestants a chance to escape the process of nominations.

A genie’s lamp will be placed in the activity area, one by one contestant will come and the genie will tell them to convince their fellow contestant to sacrifice their favourite belonging to save them from eviction.

To escape the process of nominations, Karanvir will be asked to tell Dipika to destroy the military jacket which Shoaib got for her on his recent visit to the Bigg Boss house.

Karanvir will tell genie’s orders to Dipika. However, the lady will refuse to destroy the same. Surbhi will try to convince Dipika and tell her that Karanvir was there with her when she needed him. However, she would instead tell the housemates that her relationship with them is clear in her mind. If it would have been for Bhai (referring to Sreesanth) she would have done it but not for Karanvir.

Will Karanvir manage to convince Dipika?

Keep reading for more updates form Bigg Boss house.

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